The Trail and the Cavern

This is a recount of my dream last night.

I was hiking up an alpine trail, as I got to a log crossing the path, Ben Greenfield (yep) grabbed a speed boat, and we started hauling it up the trail. All of a sudden, we are in a vast cavern/beach area. The waves hitting the shore are massive. It's not only us now, but there is an entire group, and I get the feeling Ben is teaching us something. He jumps in the boat and shows us how to ride the massive waves into the shoreline. On the shore we can see there are openings in the cavern wall where we can see outside, and it looks to be a city or shops where people are passing by, eating and drinking and some are watching us. We don't ride in the boat, but instead, we are now on the opposite shore of the cavern walls I just talked about, and then the water goes completely flat. Ben, myself and a woman start to make our way across the water. Ben asks me my name and then we start swimming, as we reach the shoreline I can see the people outside of these glass-covered cavern walls and for the most part they pay little attention to us.

My Interpretation

‘The alpine trail to the cavern.'

I need adventure and the outdoors in my life, and I will not be happy with just one avenue of adventure exploration. This is also a metaphor for taking a journey through nature (from the trail/mountains) can allow me to take a journey inwards/within myself (the cavern).

‘Ben Greenfield appears with a speedboat riding massive waves.'

I need to be more open to mentorship, and the speedboat is showing me that things can happen fasters, and I can tackle much more significant obstacles (waves) when I allow this to happen.

'The water goes from massive waves to calm as we head across.'

Again I'm being led, with a group across the water that changes in an instant. This is showing me that I can still learn a lot about controlling my inner (the cavern) environment as well as helping others cross troubled waters within their own life by doing so.

'The people/city outside the cavern walls.'

This shows me that life will always go on outside of my own. No matter how big my adventure, or how much I think (the cavern) I am changing the world (the water) people/the world at large will continue to roll on as usual, but a few people will want to look through those panes of glass. So there is always room to inspire and to teach.

This is just an interpretation of my own dreams, not based on any preconceived archetypes or symbolism.