Injuries happen to the best of us

…what we do when they arise makes all the difference in the world.

At The FARM we want to help eliminate pain, dysfunction and concerns surrounding injuries.

We utilize a 3-STEP PROCESS to keep you in the game while getting you out of pain.

Beau Beard and Zach Andrews of The FARM

The Process

1. Therapeutic Diagnosis: we LISTEN and LEARN about your issue through an extensive exam and history.

2. Treatment : we EMPOWER, EDUCATE and utilize MANUAL MEDICINE as well as FUNCTIONAL TRAINING to create REAL CHANGE.

3. Success: we bridge the gap from REHAB to PERFORMANCE by not just getting you out of pain, but actually getting you BETTER THAN BEFORE.

We look forward to guiding you on the journey to improved health, performance and quality of life.

AnthroHealth Podcast

The latest MEDS

Central stability allows for distal mobility, and this drill hits both. This is a great drill to work on improving overhead mobility as well as training strength through the entire motion. - Thank you for watching this video.
This is a great variation of the start position from Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS). With the addition of the band, resisting external rotation, we get a bit more recruitment of the scapular stabilizers in an isometric manner. - Thank you for watching this video.
Nerve flossing was popularized by David Butler, PT and expanded upon by the work of Michael Shacklock. - This is great exercise to mobilize the median nerve to help eliminate upper extremity tension and pain. - Thank you for watching this video.