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Health Redefined

Functional - designed to be practical or useful

Athletic - physically strong, fit, active

Rehabilitation - the action of restoring someone to health or normal life through training and therapy

Movement - a change (or) a group of people working together to advance their shared ideas

Injury < Rehab < Performance

Injuries happen…what we do when they arise makes all the difference in the world. At The FARM we pride ourselves on keeping you in the game while getting you out of pain. We also believe that injuries provide an opportunity to truly become #BetterThanBefore. We hope strive to provide an empowering, eduction-filled and fun environment to tackle everything from injury to performance.

Treatment Options

Injury Care

At The FARM we utilize a world-class exam, chiropractic adjusting, functional rehabilitation, soft tissue therapy and much more to get you out of pain fast.

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Performance Care

If you want live an active lifestyle, keeping your body in peak condition is crucial. Maintain mobility, limit injuries and increase performance.

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Concierge Care

If you're are looking to take your health and overall life to the next level, Dr. Beau is ready to help guide you down this path.

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AnthroHealth Podcast

Central stability allows for distal mobility, and this drill hits both. This is a great drill to work on improving overhead mobility as well as training strength through the entire motion. - Thank you for watching this video.
This is a great variation of the start position from Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS). With the addition of the band, resisting external rotation, we get a bit more recruitment of the scapular stabilizers in an isometric manner. - Thank you for watching this video.
Nerve flossing was popularized by David Butler, PT and expanded upon by the work of Michael Shacklock. - This is great exercise to mobilize the median nerve to help eliminate upper extremity tension and pain. - Thank you for watching this video.