Environmental Cleanliness

We moved into a house temporarily, and it is a much smaller and simpler environment that the home we've been living in. Within the first few hours, I noticed something interesting. I felt better. I felt more at ease, and more so I felt as though I could be more productive.

I would never choose this home or the community it is in, but I've noticed these same feelings when I go on trips and stay in a hotel for a few days. I believe there are a few components to these feelings, that may be useful to more people than just myself.

First of all, when packing for this month-long stay in our temporary home, I had to really refine what I was packing, which is a bit cleansing, as I went through the process I donated quite a few items and only took what I absolutely needed for the next four weeks. I felt like regular Marie Kondo.

My wife doesn't always understand my need for a tidy and clean environment, but I think these types of things affect us far more than we think. If we extrapolate this idea out to our environment at large, we have to recognize that an environment filled with trash, polluted water, smog-filled air, traffic and all sorts of noise and electrical interference cannot be conducive to productive, clear think and our overall health.

So kids clean your room. Adults clean your house. And all you humans clean up the planet. We'll all be better for it.