The FARM provides cutting edge chiropractic care, injury rehabilitation and sports performance, to keep you in the game, while getting you out of pain.

"Move Well to Live Better"



orking to connect athletes with movement based providers.

ffering educational resources for athletes and trainers.

efining a new approach to healthcare for active individuals.

The FARM is now offering recovery services provided by Normatecs cutting-edge pneumatic sequential pulse compression unit.

Dr. Beau Beard & Dr. Sloan Beard

Dr. Beau Beard & Dr. Sloan Beard

Functional Rehabilitation

The goal of functional rehabilitation is simply to restore function, but at The FARM we don't stop there. We want to help you function better than you ever have.

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Sports Chiropractic

At The FARM we utilize a multitude of techniques in order to restore proper mobility and function in every joint of the body.

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Game Plans

We understand that every patient, injury and situation is unique. In order to help as many people as possible, realize their true potential we have developed or various 'Game Plans'.

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