Online Cross-Training for Runners

Online Cross-Training for Runners

99.00 every month

Cross Training geared towards the outdoor athlete (trail running, mountain biking, hiking, climbing, hunting).

Bulletproof your body and maximize your potential. In order to ensure that you have the strength, power and injury prevention necessary to make it across the finish line, you need to train your body to adapt to movements, loads and stresses outside of your sport of choice.

With Dr. Beau’s guidance you will gain mobility, strength and efficiency that you need in order to ensure race day success. A mix of strength, mobility, skill and recovery programming delivered to you daily via the seamless True Coach app, ensures ease of use and the highest compliance possible. All exercises have video instruction and you can give results, feedback and success updates via True Coach as well.

Enjoy THE PROCESS and pave the way for victory.

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