Our Story

Dr. Beau Beard & Dr. Sloan Beard

Dr. Beau Beard & Dr. Sloan Beard

It all started on...

a trip to Tallahassee, FL which is the hometown of Dr. Sloan. That is where Da' Beards thought they were going to end up after school, but fate had other ideas. On their way back to St. Louis on that same trip Beau and Sloan broke down in Birmingham. After spending 13 hours at a car dealership, experiencing true southern charm and taking in some of the summer beauty of the area, the Beards began to put Birmingham on the radar. 

Dr. Sloan was offered a position with a clinic in Bessemer and started work while Dr. Beau finished his residency. When Dr. Beau moved down he soon realized that Sloan and his unique practice style was not present in Birmingham, and the idea of opening their own practice was born.

It was arduous process, but through the help of friends, family and fate The FARM opened it's doors on February 14, 2014! Since opening the Beards have been blessed to use their skills and knowledge to truly help people all across the nation, all from their humble office in Birmingham. 

Come visit The FARM sometime! To see what it truly means to be... 

Better Than Before


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