Ponte Therapeutic Massage

30 Minute Massage - $55.00

60  MINUTE MASSAGE - $90.00

90  MINUTE MASSAGE - $125.00

120  MINUTE MASSAGE - $170.00

 After working for two decades in surgery, intensive care and emergency medicine as a field engineer and account manager for Philips Healthcare, Steve decided to change his life’s mission in a big way.  He took his knowledge of traditional healthcare management, combined it with a longtime passion for massage therapy, added an intense desire to help people be their best both physically and mentally and created Ponte Therapeutic Massage.  Through PTM, he’s developed relationships with The FARM Chiropractic , Fagan Sports Medicine, and several Birmingham area physical therapists in order to holistically provide the best combination of therapy possible.  

His practice is devoted to amateur athletes of all levels and those seeking longevity through physical wellness.  In 2017 he added the University of Alabama’s track team and UAB’s football team to his client list.  

An avid outdoorsman, Steve’s traveled and backpacked across the U.S., Central and South America as well as parts of Europe and Asia.  He’s completed multiple Ironman Triathlons and the Pinhoti 100 mile trail run twice.  But the achievement he’s most proud of is raising his daughters who he refers to as “the two coolest people I know.”