Dr. Beau Show #30 - Create a Need to Sharpen Your Blade

- A review of 'The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari' by Robin Sharma

- Research on how to address low back pain and how breathing can affect bipolar disorder and overall state

- Case study: Utilizing DNS Principles with 12 YOA female athlete with B/L knee pain

- My advice on how to 'dull your blade in action, in order to create a need to sharpen it'

Show Notes

Lymphatic Mojo with Dr. Perry Nickleston

FMT Blades + FMT Advanced


R2P Symposium

Babying Your Back May Delay Healing

Effects of deep breathing on bipolar disorder

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

AnthroHealth #29 - Steve Capobianco, DC - Treating the Whole Human, Staying Curious and Being Freed by Evidence

Dr. Capobianco is a practicing sports chiropractor, treating a myriad of musculoskeletal injuries using a combination of hand and tool release therapy. Steve is the Medical Director for Rocktape, pioneering evidence-informed education development that challenges the status quo in movement learning. He authored the Fascial Movement Taping manual and lectures world wide on the movement based taping technique.

In this episode we discuss a menagerie of topics from fascia research, how to best keep yourself moving forward with the profession, different ideas on how environment at large may driving many of our health maladies and chronic pain, and oh so much more!

AnthroHealth #26 - Aaron Baker - Coming to My Senses

Aaron Baker is a recovering quadriplegic athlete, author, ambassador and friend.

Aaron was recently featured in a documentary titled 'Coming to My Senses', which is one of the most inspirational films I've ever seen.

In this episode we discuss how Aaron overcame all of the negative narratives that were trying to be written for him by physicians after his injury. How his mindset and attitude have been his best allies in making a remarkable recovery, and how he is fueled by the notion that 'HE CAN' so he will. 

Aaron captures what it truly means to be human. 



Red Bull Wings for Life

AnthroHealth #25 - Da' Beards - Shifting Mindset, Rewilding, Peroneal Tendinosis

In this episode of Da' Beards we tackle some random topics and questions.

- What do we do at The FARM?

- Do you things like TheraGun/HyperVolt work?

- Tackling peroneal tendinosis.

- Are your hips really rotated? Does it matter?

- What role does lymph play in pain?

- How your mindset colors your perspective.

- Rewilding.

AnthroHealth #24 - Stephen Merritt, PhD - Paleoanthropologist

This podcast is a mirror of the story of human evolution, it is both varied and somewhat complex. Stephen and I get into the following;

Should humans being following the diet trends of our ancestors?

What does ancestral really mean?

Did early humans persistence hunt? Or did they hunt more like wolves?

What role has human evolution and anthropology played in our ideas of race and cultural differences today.

A bit on barefoot running.

This podcast easily could have went on for hours, we'll try to get Stephen back on the show soon!

"My research explores the ecology and evolution of ancient humans' tool-assisted carnivory. Eating animals and using tools to butcher is an important intersection between the diet and technology. The ecological contexts surrounding this change in foraging behavior have likely influenced major trends in human evolution — like brain size expansion and increasing complexity of food production and consumption. In the contemporary world, diet is an important lens for examining culture, human health, and poverty; by examining industrialized food production, it is easy to appreciate the tremendous technological power that humanity wields as it produces more abundant, nutritious, cost-effective foods. Precisely because of the unprecedented ecological power our technology affords, humanity must act responsibly as we control other species’ genotypes, ensure equitable access to nutritious foods around the globe, and mediate the human footprint on the earth.


The important ways in which diet and technology are intertwined in the modern world brings up questions about their origins. How did we come to be the top consumer in all of the world’s ecosystems? To answer questions about the paleoecology of tool-assisted carnivory, I conduct fieldwork at Koobi Fora, in northern Kenya, where the deep history of human carnivory is encoded in archaeological assemblages of butchered bone that date approximately 1-2 million years ago. At this time in human prehistory, Oldowan stone tool technology was involved in a dietary shift toward large mammal carcass consumption, an ecological transition that put our ancestors in direct competition with ancient Carnivore guild members. As a zooarchaeologist and paleoanthropologist, I use information generated in carefully constructed modern-day experiments to reconstruct the role ancient humans and carnivores played in the formation of fragmentary bone assemblages."

Show Notes

Merritt 2012 cut mark cross section

Merritt 2016 cut mark cluster geometry and equifinality in replicated early Stone Age butchery

Merritt 2017 investigating hominin carnivory in the Okote Member of Koobi Fora, Kenya with an actualistic model

Merritt and Davis 2017 diagnostic properties of hammerstone broken long bone fragments

Patterson et al 2017 Ecosystem evolution and hominin paleobiology at East Turkana, northern Kenya between 2 and 1 Ma

AnthroHealth #23 - Cross Training for Runners - Capacity vs. Load

In this episode I cover a presentation I have given in the past on what cross training REALLY is. Why cross training is crucial to injury prevention and maximized performance. I also discuss some of the nuances utilizing multi-planar movements and novel loading in order to improve outcomes.

Train Smarter

Individualized, online training for runners.

AnthroHealth #22 - Dr. MaryAnne Dimak, DC, MS - Empowering mamas to move and be healthy


Dr. MaryAnne Dimak, DC, MS joins me on this episode to discuss her evolution as a chiropractor and rehab specialist. Dr. Dimak is in the middle of her first pregnancy and has combined her passion for rehab, movement and now child-rearing into her newest venture @MamaKnowsMovement. Check her out on-line.

Dr. MA’s mission is to utilize her knowledge and skills to help people overcome obstacles and feel empowered and able to reach their goals. Her goal is to keep a patient-centered focus, teach her patients how they can improve their movement, diet, and overall health - hoping to keep them doing the activities that they love to do as long as possible. 

She and her husband graduated from chiropractic school in St. Louis and moved to Huntington Beach, CA in pursuit of their dream to open a rehab-based chiropractic practice.  Maximum Performance Chiropractic opened its doors in 2013, and over the next few years, Dr. MA developed large niches in the OC yoga community and working with prenatal/postpartum moms.  When she wasn't working with patients in the office, she was either out for a run on the beach, teaching a yoga workshop or part of a yoga teacher trainings, or fulfilling her duties as Managing Director of Rehab2Performance and lululemon ambassador.

After 5 amazing years, it was time for a new chapter, and Dr. MA and her husband relocated to Dallas, Texas to pursue the next steps in the evolution of their professional and family lives.  Expecting their first child in early Fall of 2018, Dr. MA is working on a new project, @mamaknowsmovement, with the mission to empower moms and soon-to-be moms to keep moving and working towards their optimal level of health. 

Show Notes


Quad Rock

Bird Dog

Quad Roll

Assisted Squat

360 Breathing

Triple Flexion Breath Work



Anthro Health #21 - Luan Nguyen - Wheelhouse Academy

Luan Nguyen, current owner of Wheelhouse Academy (strength and
conditioning gym in downtown Bham) joins me to talk shop. We discuss training ideology/philosophy, how to implement intentional movement into exercise and so much more.

  • Athletic Trainer for South Alabama
  • LMT from Birmingham School of Massage, emphasis on sports massage
  • Coached in Fitness Industry since 2001
  • Current Owner of Wheelhouse Consulting, a consulting service for fitness gyms/coaches/ owner for the development of systems, on boarding, operations, vetting, coach dev, event planning etc. 
  • Current Owner of Wheelhouse Academy (strength andconditioning gym in downtown Bham)

Show Notes