What to Expect

When you walk in, expect a thorough examination, expect to move, expect hands-on treatment, expect to talk about your goals, expect to walk away with a personalized treatment, home care and environment hacks, and expect 55 solid minutes of face-to-face time with Dr. Beau or Dr. Sloan.

The goal is not just to save time by power-targeting your recovery, but to save you money by eliminating long, drawn-out, generic treatment plans and giving you the knowledge and the tools to maintain your future well-being.

We will make your return to health process as easy as possible and give you educational material, including detailed training programs and videos you can use when you’re not in our office. While we’ll always be here to support and guide you, you’ll walk away with a discharge report at the end of treatment that details how to maximize your body’s athletic ability and success.

Because we don’t create dependent patients.

We heal independent, resilient humans.


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To decrease pain and promote the highest level of function in your body, we’ll provide you with carefully selected therapeutic techniques to mobilize and manipulate the joints of the spine and extremities. These allow your joints to function better when performing life’s daily tasks as well as during training and competition. In many cases, a simple joint mobilization or manipulation can open the door to pain-free movement and enhance your recovery process.

Functional Rehabilitation

The aim of functional rehabilitation is to simply restore normal function to the joints, soft tissues and nervous system.  The doctors both hold a Masters degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation, and through their education and training have developed the skills to become thorough and effective at treating various sports injuries.  Dr. Beau Beard is also a board member Rehab 2 Performance, which is a group of industry leading rehabilitation experts who have gone the extra mile in terms of education and application

Soft Tissue Therapy 

The purpose of soft tissue therapy is to counteract trigger points, aid in proper healing and increase oxygen and nutrient delivery to your muscles, ligaments, nerves, tendons and fascia, thereby allowing for improved function and decreased pain.

Dr. Beau and Sloan have both accrued hundreds of hours in continuing education in both manual (hands on) as well as instrument assisted soft tissue and cupping techniques.  Whether it is sprains, strains or chronic injuries, treating the soft tissue structures consisting of fascia, muscles and nerves, is absolutely crucial to improving overall patient outcomes.

environmental counseling

Addressing pain and dysfunction in the human body without addressing all the systems of the body will assuredly leave us short of the goal at hand. We take time to look in to the environment you create in your everyday life including but not limited to;

  • Nutrition

  • Hydration

  • Exercise

kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping is designed to facilitate the body's natural healing abilities, while providing stability and support to muscles and joints without restricting the body's range of motion.  The sky rocketing popularity of the tape speaks for its effectiveness, but the tape is only as good as its application/applicator.  This is where the doctor's extensive training and expertise are crucial to your full and speedy recovery. 

Customized Orhtotics

The team at The FARM view orthotics as a stepping stone to get your to a place of higher function and improved movement, which ultimately should lead to a life without orthotics. The FARM is proudly partnered with Xtreme Footwerks Orthotic Laboratory and pedorthist Shawn Eno.  

Personalized Follow-up

Every patient at The FARM receives follow-up emails with specific MEDS: Mobilizations Exercises Drills & Stretches that are tailored to your specific issue or injury.