Drs. Beau and Sloan Beard - Founders of the FARM

How are we different?

When you walk in, expect a thorough examination, expect to move, expect hands-on treatment, expect to be heard, expect to walk away with personalized treatment, home care and environment hacks, expect the best…you deserve it.

We combine the latest in chiropractic, functional rehab, exercise science, nutrition, biopsychosocial, manual therapy, taping and much more to make your return to health as smooth as possible.

Along the way we’ll give you educational material, including detailed training programs and videos you can use when you’re not in our office. While we’ll always be here to support and guide you, you’ll walk away with a discharge report at the end of treatment that details how to maximize your body’s athletic ability and success.

Because we don’t create dependent patients.

We heal independent, resilient humans.

Troubleshoot your injury NOW.

The FARM Chiropractic - Birmingham, AL

The FARM Mission

To provide the highest quality healthcare in an empowering and educational manner, that allows our team and patients to become stewards of their own health and environment.