Foot & Ankle

Smooth Criminal

Ankle CAR

Supine Tibial ER

Ankle Eversions

Short Foot

Heel Bounces

Toe Extensions

Ankle Plantar Flexions

Sissy Squats

Squeeze and Lift

Eversion Flossing

Posterior Banded Dorsiflexion

Anterior Banded Dorsiflexion

Anterior Tibialis Crush

Supination Curtsy Carioca

Step-down Supination Curtsy

Standing Tibial ER

Foot Rolling

Ankle Inversions

Triplanar Ankle Mobilization

Side by Side Crush

Supination Curtsy

Eccentric Heel Drops

Plantar Flexion Sits

Toe Yoga

Toe Dorsiflexion Sits

Big Toe Dorsiflexion Triplanar Mobilization

Toe Drags

Band Assisted Ankle Grinds

Calf Rolling/Tiger Tail

Supine Band Resisted Dorsiflexion

*Consult with your physician before beginning any new exercise programs, or movements that may benefit your health.