March 16 & 17, 2019 9 - 5 pm

The FARM: Functional Athletic Rehabilitation & Movement

215 Narrows Parkway, Suite A

Birmingham, AL 35242


Course details:

Are you looking for an evidence-based way to help people with low back pain? This class is a comprehensive look at how Dr. Phillip Snell has been able to help thousands of patients achieve their functional goals. Learn to integrate the current evidence and cutting edge functional rehab exercise methods in management of lumbar disc injury.

A lumbar disc injury in the clinic requires an understanding of the mechanics of flexion intolerance. This requires an approach that incorporates a functional toolbox, not just a structurally oriented viewpoint. Participants in this event will learn structural and functional assessment techniques to find the complaining disc before it produces neurological symptoms. Treatment strategies utilizing movement re-patterning exercises will help you teach patients to help themselves. Special attention will be paid to common exercises to avoid in the gym and rehab environment which frequently result in re-injury.

  • Recognize the effectiveness of exercise interventions in managing this serious and common type of spine presentation.

  • Learn to integrate current pain neuroscience into management of chronic back pain.

  • Recognizing the continuum of flexion related structural injury.

  • Differentiating the injured disc vs. other commonly presenting back injuries.

  • Developing familiarity with specific exercise interventions to manage pain.

  • Train hip dissociation by improving spine stabilization using Prague School and U of Waterloo derived principles.

  • Integrate Joint by Joint Approach to spare the spine by improving mobility in the hip and T-spine.

  • Safe ways to build strength in the recovering flexion-injured spine.

  • How to build agility in the injured spine to avoid re-injury with rapid movements.

  • When to add power exercise into the rehab programs.

  • Sport specific considerations in rehab of the flexion-intolerant back.

  • Histochemical associations between painful vs. non-painful herniated discs.

This is a lecture/lab course. Please wear comfortable clothing you are able to move freely in. Exercise apparel is encouraged.

Speaker Biography:

Phillip Snell, DC- Dr. Phillip Snell maintains a clinical practice in Portland, OR with focus in sports injury, rehabilitation and manual therapy. As adjunct faculty at University of Western States, he takes part in clinical education of chiropractic students and has participated in NIH funded research of chiropractic methods. Dr. Snell is also the creator and content manager of MyRehabExercise.com a service for clinicians to assist in incorporating corrective exercise into practice.

Additionally, Dr. Snell is co-creator of the YAP manual therapy technique with Dr. Justin Dean, now know as Dermal Traction Method (DTM). That material is represented in the website yankawaypain.com.

Utilizing the rehabilitative methodology of the Prague School, McKenzie, McGill, Cook, and Liebenson, Dr. Snell offers the FixYourOwnBack online service as a self-help exercise website for those suffering from lumbar disc injury. The Clinical Companion to FixYourOwnBack will outline those methods to allow clinicians to confidently and adeptly manage this common presentation.


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*CE's available for AL licensed DC's.

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**Video recording only allowed by permission at course.

***Numerous restaurants and coffee shops within 5 minute drive of The FARM. Snacks, coffee and water will be provided during the class.

Clinical Companion to FYOB (Early Bird)

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