If you like Piná Coladas...

and getting stuck in the rain, well minus the rain and um, the rum, then you are in luck! Piná, pineapple for our non-Spanish speaking friends, is a food that you may want to add into your everyday. Yes its sweet, flavorful and makes us feel a bit tropical, but it is also packed with health benefits! In approximately 1 cup of pineapple you consume:

  • 105% of your estimated daily need of Vitamin C

  • 77% of your estimated daily need of Manganese 

    • Manganese (not Magnesium!) is essential for certain energy production cascades within our bodies)

  • B-Vitamins galore

  • A good dose of Fiber 

  • & drum roll please... Bromelain!

    • Bromelain increases digestion in the intestinal tract, decreases inflammation & therapeutic doses have been shown to aid in disorders leading to excessive blood coagulation and tumor growth. 

Eat it on its own or add it to a meal. My favorite times to enjoy pineapple is in stir-fry, salsa and in smoothies. If you have particular recipes that you'd like to share, then by all means fire away!! 

Not a Piná fan? You can still benefit from all of the greatness that is Pineapple. Standard Process, the whole-food supplement line that we carry, has a few products that contain either Pineapple or Bromelain

One more great thing about Pineapples - They are in season NOW! (March-June) 

[PSA: Sprouts has whole pineapples for like $2!] 

[PSA: Sprouts has whole pineapples for like $2!] 


Sloan Burdick