Do you brew?

Its a rare occasion that I don't enjoy a cup of Joe at the start of my day. 

& an even rarer occasion that I get to enjoy it while overlooking the bluffs of the Mississippi River in Minnesota.

& an even rarer occasion that I get to enjoy it while overlooking the bluffs of the Mississippi River in Minnesota.

But what does that have to do with health? Its pretty clear that it aids in my mental health. Anyone who needs their coffee everyday can relate to me on that one. In all seriousness though, how does your java - iced, hot, or tainted with add-ins - improve one's overall health? 

Well, it was no joke about the improved mental health. Even though there will always be debate on the true benefits or detriments that coffee gives to its dedicated drinker research has demonstrated its effect on our brain. Studies show that brew (brew as in coffee...the research is still out on the other kind of brew, but I'm sure it will turn out to be just as beneficial) boosts your mood, energy levels and overall brain function. This is proven in both regular & decaf pots, although more so with the caffeinated doses. You'll also be relieved to know that drinking coffee daily was correlated with up to a 65% decrease in developing Alzheimer's & a 40% decrease in developing Parkinson's. Cheers to that! 

So it sharpens your short-term memory & increases the number of synapses firing, so what? What about my waist size? [That's how I used to respond when reading "Health Benefits" n' such & that's A-OK!] Coffee helps suppress your appetite, fighting off the morning munchies, and actually has been shown to increase your metabolism up to 11%. ***pours another cup

That's not impressive enough? Research studies have identified other benefits that should be on your radar as well:

  • Up to 80% decrease in chances of developing cirrhosis of the liver
  • Up to 60% decrease in chances of developing liver cancer
  • Up to 15% decrease in chances of developing colorectal cancer
  • Up to 20% decrease in risk of stroke
  • Up to 50% decrease in chances of developing type II diabetes

Everyone takes their coffee a little differently. How do I prefer mine? Black some days & others I add in coconut oil. If its Monday I may stir in a spoon of grass fed butter. Do I drink true Bulletproof coffee? No, but my version works for me just fine! If this sounds outrageous to you then I encourage you to exit that comfort zone of yours & give it a go! The saturated fats (GASP!) are actually a great thing for you to consume with the sunrise. Coconut oil is comprised of medium chain triglycerides that are broken down in a little bit different fashion. They are taken straight to the liver from the digestive tract & become a quick form of energy - just in time for your chaotic day. [More to come about coconut oil...]

Feeling spicy? Add in some cinnamon either in the grounds while its brewing or straight into the cup itself. Its delicious...wait for it...& beneficial. Cinnamon aids in lowering your blood glucose levels. 

So I ask again, "Do you Brew?"

[Side Note: Who uses a French Press? We were just gifted one as a wedding present & I'm not sure I can wait until the big day to use it! If I test it out before the wedding is that bad luck? But back to the French Press - DO you LOVE it???]

Beau Beard