What do you want?

Stated best by Noah Calhoun, "Stop thinking about what I want, what he wants, what your parents want. What do you want?" [In case you're in the 2% of the female population that has yet to cry their eyes out while watching "The Notebook" or a male that hasn't been guilt-tripped into it, that's an infamous line in the movie...Now quickly find a Redbox & rent it] 

Really though, What is driving you? Perhaps you're unsure, or maybe too nervous to admit it. Seventeen weeks ago, the day when I made the decision to start my "journey", was the day that I was honest & admitted what I really wanted. What I wanted most was to be HAPPY with my body. Physical health really was not my motivator (in the beginning). I grew up in leotards. Small leotards. Leotards without shorts. Leotards that hid nothing. Never was I comfortable with how I appeared in them. It didn't stop there, but continued on after my flipping years & plagued me while wearing my everyday clothes (and no need to mention bathing suits). Just 4 months ago I would scramble through my closet trying on every last piece of clothing & remaining unhappy with each selection. I was uncomfortable in my own skin & in anything else that went over it. I would go through periods of time convinced that I was built, how I was built and no need to wish for anything different. Genetics are genetics, Right? Wrong. I was letting excuses blind me from what I know about the body, nutrition and from the happiness that comes from feeling GREAT. 

Now, I mentioned what I wanted in the beginning. My wants have now changed and in all actuality morphed into more of Needs & Necessities. Today I crave energy, mental clarity, flexibility, strength, routine, confidence...I crave HEALTH. When I ditched the excuses I realized that I could have more than just a 'fit' appearance - I could be fit. Yes, the appearance still drives me. I am human & I would be a liar if I said that it didn't, but once I felt the benefits of this "journey" I realized what I really wanted. What is really meaningful to me is that the energy, strength, courage, etc... that came with changing my lifestyle has nothing to do with other's opinions, but only a reflection of what I feed my body. 

So I ask again, 

"What do you want?"

Before you try to make any changes in your everyday life - know why. Intentional and thought out steps are more persistent than uninspired casual efforts.   

Sloan Burdick