Anthro Health #20 - Dr. Peter Hendricks & Dr. Sara Lappan - Psilocybin Treatment for Addiction

Dr. Peter Hendricks, Associate Professor and Dr. Sara Lappan, adjunct professor both of UAB join me on today's show to discuss their research which is exploring the use of psilocybin to treat cocaine addiction. The conversation ranges from...

  • The history of psychedelic research in America
  • Why some of the current dogmas exist surrounding classic psychedelics.
  • The wide ranging uses for psychedelics in the clinical setting. 
  • What is really happening/changing during these mystical experiences?
  • How these substances may be able to help society at large.

Dr. Hendricks received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of South Florida and completed a post-doctoral Fellowship in Drug Abuse Treatment and Services Research at the University of California, San Francisco. His research centers on the development of novel and potentially more effective treatments for substance dependence, with specific areas of focus on tobacco, cocaine, and polysubstance dependence in vulnerable populations.

Dr. Lappan completed her doctorate in the department of Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Couple and Family Therapy at Michigan State University. She is interested in health behavior and its effects on the family unit. More specifically, she is interested in creating/adapting family programs aimed at reducing rates of obesity as well as clinical applications of psychedelics for survivors of sexual assault experiencing symptoms of PTSD. She was also the principal investigator for an exploratory qualitative study investigating risk and protective familial factors influencing children placed at risk for overweight and obesity in low-income, single female primary caregiver households. Sara’s clinical experience includes providing family, couple, and individual therapy working in the Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program at Borgess Medical Center, at Western Michigan University’s Center for Counseling and Psychological Services, Michigan State University’s Couple and Family Therapy Clinic, and Perspectives Therapy Services. She also has teaching experience as a teaching assistant and instructor of record for courses in Interdisciplinary Studies at Michigan State University as well as an adjunct professor for a supervision course, Relationships and Human Sexuality, and Couples Counseling courses at UAB. She is currently involved as a postdoctoral scholar investigating the time course and clinical significance of early e-cigarette withdrawal effects as well as a co-principle investigator exploring the efficacy of a psychedelic-assisted cognitive behavioral treatment program for treating cocaine addiction. 

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Anthro Health #19 - Da' Beards - Big Changes at The FARM

In this episode, Sloan and I sit down to explain transitions from an insurance based practice to a cash based model. 

I also answer a YouTube question about scapulothoracic stability and how it can relate to hip dysfunction and pain. Viewer question was about the video below.

Anthro Health #18 - Dr. Phillip Snell, DC - Low Back Pain, Epigenetics, Treating the Human

Joining me on the show today Dr. Phillip Snell, chiropractic physician and creator/content manager of and 

In this episode:

6:20 - What is the FYOB course?

8:30 - How technology is driving the healthcare market.

13:15 - How manual medicine is really like hypnosis.

20:30 - Functional medicine approach to disc injury & low back pain.

27:00 - Epigenetics role in low back pain

33:30 - Movement as a spark to pain in an inflammatory state.

35:45 - Do you deserve to be out of pain?

40:30 - Is practicing movement quality the same as safety seeking behavior.

1:01:00 - Dr. Snell's predictions.

1:03:00 - Helping powerlifters break world records.

Anthro Health #17 - Justinn Overton - Water, Health and Environmental Conscience

Justinn has a deep family connection to the Coosa Valley and has always loved playing outside as much as possible. She’s proud to work to restore and protect the Coosa.  Growing up in the Coosa Valley, Justinn spent time fishing and exploring the banks of the river with her parents and learned how to bait her own hook on Logan Martin Lake. 

As the Executive Director, she ensures Coosa Riverkeeper has the resources needed to fight for swimmable, drinkable, and fishable water. She also coordinates many other aspects of our organization such as membership, capacity building, special events, and outreach. She provides direction to our staff, volunteers, and robust internship programs with local universities.

In 2015, Justinn was one of four women highlighted by Southern Living as “Women of Worth,” a short list of women who are dedicated to improving the lives of Southerners in need. In 2017, Justinn was featured in the Voices for Clean Air campaign highlighting her love of water, yoga, and environmental justice.

Before joining the staff of Coosa Riverkeeper, she worked with the Alabama Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council implementing the Building Green Jobs for Alabama program, a statewide federally funded workforce development grant. During her time at USGBC Alabama, she trained 300+ Alabamians about green building principles and sustainability.

 She is also a badass yogi and overall great human.

In this episode we cover;
- misconceptions about your water
- easy ways to ensure you are drinking healthy water
- how your health choices impact the environment
- the idea of 'finding your Yoga'

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Alabama Public Health website


Anthro Health #16 - Olivia Affuso, PhD - Overweight vs. Over Fat, Truth About Macros, Body Compositions Role in Performance

My guest today is Dr. Olivia Affuso, Associate Professor in the Department of Epidemiology and an Associate Scientist in the UAB Nutrition Obesity Research Center and the Center for Exercise Medicine. Her research focuses on the prevention of obesity and chronic disease through physical activity, body composition methods development, and the design of obesity randomized controlled trials. She has received research funding from the National Institutes of Health, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Connections Program, and several UAB center grants. Her current research projects include the development of a novel method for measuring body composition, several meta-analytic studies for use in the development of effective childhood obesity interventions, and design issues in obesity randomized trials. She has also conducted several community-based pediatric obesity intervention trials.

During our discussion we cover a variety of topics ranging from the truth on counting macros, calorie quantity vs. quality, what body composition really means, is BMI accurate, and much more.

You can find Oliva on social media: @oliviaadventures

True Health #14 - Jeff Roberts, Private Wealth Advisor - Your Financial Health

Jeff Roberts, Private Wealth Advisor joins me on this episode of True Health to discuss how your financial health directly impacts all other aspects of health. Jeff is a wealth of knowledge it when it comes to anything finance, but he is also extremely adept at integrating sound financial thinking into other arenas of life.

True Health #13 - Solo Cast - Goat Kidney Stones, The Mentalist Approach to Pain, and more...

In this episode I discuss the power of they story we tell ourselves as it pertains to pain relief and health. I tell about a patient of mine who was scheduled for back surgery that ended up completely self-relieving his back pain. Goat kidney stones and how modification of animals natural environments effects their health, and much more.

True Health #12 - Solo Cast - 'Biology of Belief' Review, Side Stitch?, Self-treating Tendinopathy

In this episode I tackle some live Q&A on side stitch, low back pain and tendinosis/tendinitis. I also give a short synopsis of my latest read 'Biology of Belief' by Bruce Lipton. - Thank you for watching this video.

True Health #11 - Cody Roberts - The 'Versatilist' - Assistant S&C Coach University of Iowa

My discussion with Cody covers... - what is a 'vesratilist'? - training principles and methodology - is technology killing the art of coaching - youth athletic development - and much more! - Thank you for watching this video.


Cody Roberts joined the University of Iowa Olympic Strength and Conditioning staff in July 2016.  Roberts coordinates the strength & conditioning programs for Rowing, Softball, Men's & Women's Cross Country, Track & Field Throwers and Middle Distance.  He came to Iowa from Bradley University where he served as the Assistant Athletic Director for Sport Performance since 2010.  During his 6 year tenure at Bradley, Roberts oversaw all aspects of administration, training and development for student-athletes across all 15 Missouri Valley Sports.  

Roberts earned a Master’s of Science in Education in Exercise Science from the University of Kansas in 2010 while working as a Graduate Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach with the Olympic Sports Performance Staff.  Prior to earning his graduate degree he worked as an Intern and Graduate Assistant Strength Coach at Illinois State University.

A native of Bloomington, IL, Roberts was a four year member of the Track and Field team at the University of Kansas, where he was a two time team captain in 2006 & 2007 and All-Big XII Conference and Region discus and hammer thrower.

Roberts is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Strength & Conditioning Coach Certified (SCCC) through the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, USAW Certified Sport Performance Coach from USA Weightlifting, as well as CPR/AED certified. He also serves as the Director of Education for the Hawkeye Strength staff and serves as a adjunct lecturer for the Health & Human Physiology Department at University of Iowa. Cody lives with his fiancé Jessica Haerther in Cedar Rapids and they are set to marry October 6th, 2018.

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'The Price of Gold' Documentary

Science of Sport


Keith Barr Podcast on Tendon Stiffness 


TMG Functional Muscle Strain Testing 

Force Decks