Dr. Beard is in Birmingham!

Well I'm finally getting settled into my new home in Birmingham, and I have to say I'm loving it.  Today I would like to share a letter written by the Director of Sports Performance at Bradley University, Mr. Cody Roberts.  Cody was my director while doing my internship for my Masters in Sports Science and Rehabilitation.  The letter gives some insight on what I did during the internship, but more so it gives coaches, athletes, administrators and weekend warriors in the Birmingham area a better idea what I can offer them.  Enjoy!

Cody Roberts
Director of Sport Performance
Bradley University
1501 W. Bradley Ave
Peoria, IL 61625
(309) 677-3788 (Office)

October 28, 2013

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to enthusiastically recommend Dr. Beau Beard for involvement with your program.  I have known Dr. Beard for only a short time, but have had the opportunity to observe and evaluate his extensive knowledge and sincere passion in the field of chiropractic sports medicine through his involvement with our student-athletes and coaches at Bradley University.

It has been my privilege to have Dr. Beard working alongside my staff directly on the weight room floor where I am the Director of Sport Performance.  He has a wide-spread understanding of the necessary steps to properly develop an athlete in order to prevent injury and enhance performance.  He took initiative early in the semester in implementing his sport specific movement screening that evaluates the structure and function of the shoulder, spine, hip, knee and ankle relative to the actions of the respective sport; identifying poor or improper movement and firing patterns that limit performance and put an athlete at an increased risk of injury.  With Dr. Beard’s knowledge and guidance we were able to develop training and rehabilitation protocols that are more effective and efficient than previously imagined; addressing the individual needs of each of our student-athletes.  Through this process he has been extremely considerate of everyone’s (student-athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, etc.) responsibility within a department and knows how he can impact a program on a cooperative level.

Dr. Beard’s involvement with our program has proven to be vital, as he is decreasing the chance for serious injury and increasing the return to play through proper rehabilitation.  As I look to the future of our profession it would be an incredible opportunity to have someone of Dr. Beard’s caliber and familiarity to initially assess and evaluate student-athletes before they embark on a strength and conditioning program; truly bridging the gap between injury prevention and performance enhancement. The athletes that we work with often battle numerous developmental and environmental adaptations that limit their mobility and function in the weight room.  With Dr. Beard’s assistance we have been able to shore up any structural issues (i.e. tight hips, immobile ankles or feet, or poor firing patterns through the posterior chain) bringing a more prepared and truly ready athlete into the weight room or practice field. 

I have incredible respect for Dr. Beard, he has superior character and exemplifies the qualities of a medical professional.  His ability to evaluate structural/biomechanical issues and communicate with the student-athletes and coaches in explaining effective and purposeful training means make him an excellent asset for your program.  In addition, his insightful questioning and dedication to his education make him a leader among his peers, and these qualities make the others around him operate at a higher level.  Dr. Beard understands the dedication and urgency necessary in athletics, and he will undoubtedly work above and beyond expectations.  In view of his educational background, spectrum of experience, and desire for excellence, it is without reservation that I recommend Dr. Beard for involvement with your program.  I would be happy to discuss any further information support his involvement if necessary. 


Cody Roberts MSE, CSCS, SCCC
Bradley University
Director of Sport Performance