Beyond Mobility Training

Beyond Mobility


Programming designed by Dr. Beau works to build strength, power, endurance and athletic performance all while improving your mobility. Each session focuses on sound technique and programming in order to minimize injury and increase overall performance. Sessions can be one-on-one or small group and can be modified for any age or fitness level.

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Rusty Lett at the FARM

Training + Performance 

Training + Performance


If you train hard you need to recover better. With this unique blend of training and recovery The FARM offers a superb program to improve athletic performance and minimize injury. Training + Performance includes:

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"Thanks Doc for the last couple of months. Learning to train in a different way has been challenging but rewarding. Just what I needed at this point in my life. If you want to get better and willing to put in the work come see Beau and Sloan at The FARM!"
- Rusty Lett

Peak Health Coaching

Peak Health Coaching


Put your health first with this elite level concierge package. Peak Health coaching includes:

  • Performance labs via ArcPoint labs
    • Once every month
  • Constant contact (email/text/call)
  • (6) Performance visits
  • (6) Training sessions
  • Nutrition consult & coaching
  • Mindfulness coaching
  • Sport-specific coaching
  • IKKOS Virtual Reality training membership
  • Recovery Room membership 
Reach Your Peak