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Dr. Beau Beard suffered a femur fracture in middle school requiring surgery, and was told he would never play sports again.  With proper rehabilitation and a phenomenal chiropractor he was back to playing multiple sports within a year.  This is what sparked Dr. Beard’s passion for manual medicine and rehabilitation.  

Dr. Beard lives an active lifestyle, which he fills with trail running, golfing, snow skiing, travel and photography, he shares all of these activities with his wife Dr. Sloan Beard.  He lives his life by these tenets; move well, eat clean, rest adequately, love passionately and live boldly. Dr. Beard is available for one-on-one appointments, team assessment and development or speaking engagements.



Professional Experience/Accolades

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Published Articles

  • Trail Runner Magazine: September 2014; "The Forgotten Muscle"
  • Shelby Living Magazine: August 2014; "Movement: The Best Investment for Your Helath"
  • Fit & Well Birmingham: May 2014; "6 Ways to Excel in Your Sport"

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