Dr. Beau Beard

Dr. Beau suffered a femur fracture in middle school requiring surgery, and was told he would never play sports again. With proper rehabilitation and a phenomenal chiropractor he was back to playing multiple sports within a year. This is what sparked Dr. Beau's passion for sports chiropractic, rehabilitation and human performanceDr. Beau...

After graduating from Logan University in 2013 he and his wife, Dr. Sloan, founded The FARM in 2014. Over the past years Dr. Beau has treated thousands of athletes from youth athletes to Olympic medalists. It is his goal to get every patient and athlete that he encounters to leave his officer better than they were before their injury. With a plethora of tools and techniques at his disposal Dr. Beau is able to provide an all-encompassing and truly unique healthcare experience that bridges the gap from rehabilitation to performance.


Beau Beard Curriculum Vitae