Cross Crawl Position

Scorpion Whip

4x4 Rocking

Fall Matrix

Lateral Wall Push

Nordic Skiers

Serratus Punches

Hard Roll

Window Pane Squat

Goblet Squat

KB Deadlift

Pallof Lunges

7 month Get-up

Assisted Triplanar Flexion Patterns

Bear Crawl

Banded RT3 Position

Global CAR


SLDL to Clean

Reverse Salamander

Prone Primal Gait

Half Kneeling Deadlift


Jefferson Curl

Squat with ER Assistance

Bird Dog Matrix

Bottom-up Turkish Get Up

Single-leg Deadlift

Baby Get-up

Rolling Patterns

Single-leg Deadlift Wall-reach

Posterior Banded Squats

Overhead Squat

Slide Plate Single-leg RDL


*Consult with your physician before beginning any new exercise programs, or movements that may benefit your health.