Christina is a nationally ranked and qualified powerlifter with 11 State Records under her belt. In February 2016, she won her weight class and the female Best Lifter award, making her the reigning USA Powerlifting Alabama State Champion. She has a squat ranked in the top 20 in the country by Wilks score (lb for lb strength). Christina squats and deadlifts over 2.5 times her bodyweight.

In addition to powerlifting, she is natural pro figure competitor and fitness model who has graced the cover of local lifestyle magazine B Metro. Christina graduated from Samford University with a degree in Sports Medicine and Nutrition and, after putting in a year of research on exercise as medicine at UAB, is finishing up a masters in Performance Enhancement and Injury Prevention. She is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and personal trainer who works with clients in person and online, and teaches strength training classes to senior citizens. Christina is a former nationally competitive gymnast and coaches a competitive team at Mountain Brook Gymnastics. 

In her spare time, Christina writes an informative blog ( dedicated to empowering women to embrace and develop their physical strength, to move away from relying on the number on the scale by working to increase the number on the barbell. 

Christina is currently training for USA Powerlifting Raw Nationals in mid-October 2016.

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Instagram: @lift_heavy_princess