Exam - $150 

50 MInutes

A comprehensive exam is the keystone to excellence at The FARM. The doctors not only explore your chief complaint along with all systems of the body, but they also take into account how you move, your environment, psychological factors and much more.

We treat the PERSON not the PROBLEM. 

Chiropractic - $45

A chiropractic adjustment is a powerful manual therapy that can restore mobility to a joint, relax surrounding soft tissues and decrease pain. 

Injury Rehabilitation - $45

The aim of injury rehabilitation is to simply restore normal function to the joints, soft tissues and nervous system.  The doctors both hold a Masters degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation, and through their education and training have developed the skills to become thorough and effective at treating various sports injuries.  Dr. Beau Beard is also a member of the International Society of Clinical Rehab Specialist, which is a group of industry leading rehabilitation experts who have gone the extra mile in terms of education and application.

Soft Tissue Therapy - $35

The purpose of soft tissue therapy is to reduce adhesions or scarring, aid in proper healing and increase oxygen and nutrient delivery to your muscles, ligaments, nerves, tendons and fascia, thereby allowing for improved function and decreased pain.

Dr. Beau and Sloan provide soft tissue treatment based on the clinically proven Active Release Technique (ART).  Instrument assisted soft tissue and cupping techniques.  Whether it is sprains, strains or chronic injuries, treating the soft tissue structures consisting of fascia, muscles and nerves, is absolutely crucial to improving overall patient outcomes.

Taping - $15-30

(Pricing dependent on application size)

Kinesio taping is designed to facilitate the body's natural healing abilities, while providing stability and support to muscles and joints without restricting the body's range of motion.  The sky rocketing popularity of the tape speaks for its effectiveness, but the tape is only as good as its application/applicator.  This is where the doctor's extensive training and expertise are crucial to your full and speedy recovery.  Please click on the following link, CKTP video, for more information.

Personalized Follow-up  (Complimentary)

Every patient at The FARM receives follow-up emails with specific MEDS: Mobilizations Exercises Drills & Stretches that are tailored to your specific issue or injury. 

MEDS Annual Memberships are available for non-patients of The FARM, click below to become a member!

*All prices are subject to insurance fee schedules and deductibles.