I stopped meditating and started 'Vaynerchuk-ing'

About a year and a half ago I was introduced to Gary Vaynerchuk via the Coach Glass Podcast...thanks coach! At the time, I dove in hard and watched at least a video a day, read the 'AskGaryVee' book and started following him on social. Then something happened...it probably happens to a lot of people.

I got sick of his shit.

So, I unsubscribed from his YouTube channel, stopped following him on social, I did finish the book, but I was through with him. I know it sounds like a weird, one-sided break-up, but I really just thought he was full of shit. I've always adamantly believed that I do not want to be another click-bait jockey in the healthcare world, that uses 'ASMR Loudest Pop-Ever' as my way to lure people in. That's not changing anytime soon either, and it seemed like that was what he was preaching. But then something did change.

Over the course of the last year, I have found myself trying to escape. Trying to free myself of the burden of being tied down to a physical office space, strapped to the idea that I operate in only one medium (healthcare) and maybe more so trying to figure why exactly I'm not entirely happy. Even though I have a million and one things to be happy about, I just don't have that fire inside of me each and every day, and that's EXTREMELY important to me.

My parents both worked jobs that were so far from their passion, but they did so in order to support my siblings and I. I was starting to realize that I was taking for granted the awesome opportunities to utilize my time and money in ways that they never could have.

So thanks mom and dad.

So I've been searching...searching for my voice first among my colleagues and peers, but maybe more so trying to really listen to what my internal dialogue is. What is my heart really trying to tell me to do, versus what my mind is ALLOWING me to do. This is a HUGE distinction, and one that is usually tossed away in place of absolutism or extreme practicality. I know being 100% dreamer will probably leave me with a void in my heart and bank account larger than the current one, but not allowing myself to explore what my passion in action really is, would be truly tragic.

My wife can attest, that my testing the waters of life in an attempt to figure this game (life) out can come off of as an ADHD demeanor that is propelled by an impatience that could make the Dalai Lama cringe. I don't know any other way to do it. I've always felt like I'm being magnetically drawn toward some larger purpose, but finding my way has been far from linear to say the least. 

Instead of becoming frustrated with the process of finding my TRUE way (which I truly believe that each of us have a calling) and allowing that frustration to become a road block, I doubled down, I doubled down on putting my faith behind ME. What do I mean by that? I literally started praying that my greatness come out, that I start to see the forest through the trees and that overall I don't stop searching, but if anything look at the search in an entirely different light.

As I upped the ante things started to happen, and things have always happened in a special way in my life, which I don't attribute that to just pure luck. I landed some larger speaking engagements, I started to meet people that were on the same journey, and wouldn't you know it that damn Gary Vaynerchuk showed back up on my YouTube feed. 

So I gave it a view.

Gary was giving a keynote and was basically saying something along the lines of, 'a lot of people think I'm a jerk because they don't like to hear what they really know to be true'. Well son-of-a-bitch. I'm not saying Gary Vee is a visionary, but this was the truth. I didn't believe in myself enough to completely go all-in on MY vision and MY skills. 

So I pulled the trigger. I LET myself open the flood gate of ideas and challenges both. As I did, the magic slowly but surely started to happen. I've been introduced to people that have been instrumental in this next step. I've realized that my work ethic, which I though was impeccable, can still be improved. The notion that I was working as hard as I could is laughable, considering my business slogan is...

'Better Than Before'. 

You can call it fate, you can call it luck or you could just say I'm creating more opportunity to succeed by putting in more time, greater effort and freeing my mind from preconceived notions. Whatever financial results may come, my intuition is finally on target like a heat-seeking missile, and that missile is targeted directly at the healthcare industry as a whole.

More to come on that...stay tuned.

Gary Vaynerchuk The FARM

In my attempts to find my way, which I'm not saying I'm anywhere close to yet, I have read hundreds of books, devoted myself to tried and true practices and routines and learned from some of the best. There is a lot of talk about mindfulness, bio-hacking and human optimization within my field, but at the end of the day we all need to realize...

"There's no right answers, there's just doing".






So, I'm going to take a different route.

I'm going to stop meditating on life and I'm going to start doing...I'm going to start 'Vaynerchuk-ing'.