"Tapping Superhuman"

If you haven't seen the Bo Jackson ESPN 30 for 30, leave this page now and go watch it!  Here is just one of many clips.

The whole documentary did an amazing job at really portraying Jackson as something more than human.  Which, maybe in a way he was...is?

Have you ever been in awe of the physical prowess of an athlete or seen something that you could not believe?  I feel like my life has been filled with moments such as these, and it has led me to gather thoughts from around the world on the topic of what it means to be 'superhuman'.

People like Bo Jackson and the feasts he accomplished are exactly what this article and my future book will cover; what is it that makes certain individuals a cut above the rest?  Whether it is conquering the Ultraman, riding a 60 foot wave or snapping a pine bat like a twig, what is the "IT" factor that is so frequently talked about?

In my book I will be releasing interviews with famous and some not-so-famous athletes, exploring research on the mind, body and ways to overcome both, as well as giving some anecdotal and experiential insights.

I really wanted to write today, to see what all of you out there think makes it possible for some people to accomplish unimaginable feats.  Is it just mind over matter?  Is it genetics?  Is it other worldly?  Can it be taught or trained?  

Having devoted my life to the learning and understanding of the human body, I am constantly amazed at how as humans we are able to bend the limits of the world around us by simply 'putting our mind to something'.  This past week two of our athlete ambassadors, Zachary Andrews and Vanessa Stroud, ran the Bryce Canyon 100.  First of all congrats to both of those crazies!  Second, think back to Pheidippides of Ancient Greece, who reportedly ran from Marathon to Athens in under 36 hours, only to breathe his last breath after delivering his message, and now a mother of two and an easy going Alabama boy are tromping out 100 milers like it ain't no thing!  Longer distances, free climbs, wing suits, free diving, etc... could it be that humans are capable of just about anything, so long as they can imagine it is possible?

A lot of current science is geared toward advancing the physical limitations of humans, whether that means performance, age related longevity or cognitive function.  It is a very exciting time to be alive, knowledge and information are multiplied at an alarming rate these days, which means more discoveries and breakthroughs are made on what seems like an almost daily basis.  The only thing that is certain as it pertains to superhuman feats is that before we can become superhuman, we must first fully understand what it is to be 'human'.

Please leave some feedback on this post...do you know a 'superhuman'?  What does it take?  Can anyone become one?

Until next time...

"With our thoughts, we make our world"

- Buddha

Dr. Beau Beard, DC, MS, CCSP