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13 Pieces of the Athletic Performance Puzzle

I had the pleasure of listening to a very interesting lecture by the au-natural, self-care guru Don Tolman at the World Golf Fitness Summit, if you haven't heard Don lecture...well you are missing out.  During his talk he touched on the number '13' and why it has been deemed unlucky and bastardized in our current society.  Don talked about the ancient power of the number 13 and how it is still engrained in current secret societies logos such as the Illuminati, Masons, number of Stripes in the American flag...alright that's enough conspiracy theory talk, I get a kick out of the stuff.

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The Chiropractic Myth

"Oh I BELIEVE in chiropractic"


"Yeah, I need to get REALIGNED sometime soon"


"My hips become UNLEVELED about once a month"


These are statements that as a chiropractor I hear everyday, and I'm sure my colleagues do as well.  Now I'm not one to argue these points every time I hear them, but at some point we all need to release some steam.  So hear goes.

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