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The De-evolution of Human Movement and How Pain Can Save Us All

I can't remember if I cried during the end of Wall-E, but I definitely shed a tear at the cold realization that the scene depicted above is almost a reality.

As a society we are overweight, we lack proper nutrition and we live in a movement desert, and many people believe that we are becoming less intelligent as well. Damn, what a pleasant picture. I tend to disagree with the last sentiment. I think that we are becoming less knowledgeable in the classic sense, but we are far better at assimilating mass amounts of data. This is an evolved trait due to the shear amount of information put in front of our faces everyday. Now, some of us are better at uploading this data, filing it appropriately and then being able to still make logical or sometimes just common-sense decisions. As a whole we are not becoming less intelligent, we are just evolving to think and process differently.

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Ligers, Beefalos & CrossFit

Get a male lion and a female tiger together and you get a liger, a male cow and a female buffalo and you get a beefalo…now if we combine preventative body maintenance and functional fitness we could arrive at ‘Crossfit’. I emphasize could arrive at ‘Crossfit’ because as we all very well know, not all boxes/gyms are created equal.  Within the same zip code we could have a variety of gyms, all with their own unique identity, programming, athletes and struggles.

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Regression for Progression

Today's blog is going to focus on the need to take some athletes back to the basics in order to fully alleviate an injury, or to fully realize their optimum performance.

There are two different scenarios that I deal with on a daily basis in my clinic. The athlete or patient that comes in with an acute or chronic injury that is not allowing them to perform to the best of their ability or sometimes at all. Or, the patient/athlete is seeking an assessment, correctives, therapy or combination of all or any of these in order to push them to the next level. Should I treat these two scenarios the same, in terms of rehabilitation, training and athletic development?

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