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Why You Can't Fix You

Over the course of the last few years we have seen a swell of information as it pertains to treating your own injuries, increasing the ever elusive 'mobility' and basically just how to become a bad ass. How is it possible with all of these gurus and programs out there like Kelly Starrett's, Mobility Wod (, everyone making sure they have their Gray Cook, Functional Movement Screen ( and getting Gumby-like with all the rest of the YouTube mobility Bob Vila's, does a guy like me still have a job? Well, because you are only getting part of the story.

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Ligers, Beefalos & CrossFit

Get a male lion and a female tiger together and you get a liger, a male cow and a female buffalo and you get a beefalo…now if we combine preventative body maintenance and functional fitness we could arrive at ‘Crossfit’. I emphasize could arrive at ‘Crossfit’ because as we all very well know, not all boxes/gyms are created equal.  Within the same zip code we could have a variety of gyms, all with their own unique identity, programming, athletes and struggles.

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13 Pieces of the Athletic Performance Puzzle

I had the pleasure of listening to a very interesting lecture by the au-natural, self-care guru Don Tolman at the World Golf Fitness Summit, if you haven't heard Don lecture...well you are missing out.  During his talk he touched on the number '13' and why it has been deemed unlucky and bastardized in our current society.  Don talked about the ancient power of the number 13 and how it is still engrained in current secret societies logos such as the Illuminati, Masons, number of Stripes in the American flag...alright that's enough conspiracy theory talk, I get a kick out of the stuff.

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