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It's Fancy Feet, Not Fancy Shoes...

If you have seen a round of televised golf or perused your local golf shop lately, then you have probably witnessed how many different options for golf shoes there are now (like Keegan's Air Jordan's here).  Why so many choices?  Well, golf's popularity is skyrocketing and money is a huge driver for all the major sports wear companies to get into golf shoes, but more importantly the golf community is trying to reconnect us with the ground.

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"My breath was lightning"

"The muscular system lies at a 'functional crossroad' since it is influenced by both the PNS and CNS"

   - Vladimir Janda

This quote should be one of many foundational thoughts for any clinician, trainer, athlete, etc...  This is also of utmost importance for understanding one of the keys to a powerful, accurate and repeatable golf swing.  There are three interconnected parts to general balance, consisting of 'propioceptive' balance, muscle balance and neurological balance.  Within each of these areas of balance lie subcategories that allow us (practitioners, coaches, trainers) to fully understand and have impact on changing/improving athlete mechanics.

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