I Tripped on Green Tea and Chocolate

So a few days ago I received some green tea matcha in the mail, some high-end stuff let me tell you. I also picked up some 70% dark chocolate. Over the next two days, I had a cup of matcha and a few pieces of dark chocolate each day. On the evening of the second day, I started to have visual disturbances, a headache, and almost what I would call hallucinations.

Now, this could have been an enjoyable experience in the right setting, but when you are working with a patient you suddenly can't see what's happening around you, and you begin to feel disconnected from your body, well that's no bueno.

So what's the point?

The point is that matcha green tea and dark chocolate are two very healthy foods, and two very prevalent health foods as of right now. Just as with anything though, it comes down to how food, drink, supplement, drug interacts with you unique physiology and genetic makeup.

It has become a terrible trend for the general population to seek out medical advice online as well as mimicking the 'health' practices of "experts" such as movie stars, YouTube pros, and Instagram influencers. If we are learning anything as we approach the year 2020, which sounds like the future, it's that each human is unique even though we all share 99.9% of the same genetic material.

Sure some things are widely accepted principals for all humans; eat real food, move more, sleep well, love more, be kind, don't play with fire, etc... When it comes to treating an issue or even trying to maximize performance, it gets very tough to tell a large group of people what will work for them all, but that's precisely what our click-bait culture has allowed to happen.

I say allowed because we have become a consumeristic culture rather than capitalistic. We speak with our dollars, but that does not always mean the best product or company wins, it just means that the best marketer or social media influencer wins, which is downright SCARY!

I'm still digging into why the components of green tea and chocolate make me feel like I've eaten magic mushrooms, but the 'digging' part is what more of us need in our lives.

Take pause in relinquishing your ability to decide for yourself, you and you alone are responsible for your health. You are your health advocate, and when you choose to take advice or ask for guidance, please do so wisely.

After all, Socrates did some shit like...

"Know thyself."