I Changed My Mind

This is a common phrase in Western culture. Have you ever really thought about how strange of a phrase this is though?

First of all, what is the mind?

Our brain is the anatomical piece of wet-wear that contains the physiological and biological components that enable us, as humans, to utilize one of nature's most significant evolutionary developments. Now, if we end up using that to scroll through social media all day or if we make actual appreciable ‘change’ in the world is entirely up to our decision making processes.

Our mind is the more abstract component. Our mind is the not entirely definable piece of human existence that begs the question, who are we talking to when having internal dialogue? Who lays internal judgement down on my day to day actions? How was this voice built? Is it a conglomeration of subconscious construction from all of our social interactions? Is it unique for each of us? Is it God?

To say that I’ve ‘changed my mind’ means that we have to know what ‘mind’ really is, and I don’t think anyone knows for sure. So maybe what we are saying is that we are always unsure. Even though we are 100%, all in on something, it just means that I think it is a good idea, RIGHT NOW.

Maybe those individuals that we deem persistent, consistent and reliable are just better at continually assessing their current scenario and all available data points, and continuously making the same decision for days or weeks or even years at a time.

So what looked like one decision set in action long ago, is just a million decisions repeated over a given time.

Sometimes people that change their minds too often get labeled as ‘wishy-washy’, unreliable or inconsistent. This type of personality can be perceived as detrimental in fields such as mine, where data and evidence change rapidly. Some people think that to change your mind in the healthcare profession means that you didn’t know what you were talking about in the first place.

I think that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

Our mind and the world around us is changing every second, and being able to take in multiple data points, create a decision based on prior experience, data and analytical thinking is a skill that is both rare and extremely valuable.

Lately, I’ve been struggling with ‘changing my mind’ on something that may seem trivial to most.

I signed up for a 100-mile race, that is to take place in November. As I have run into some health issues, it has made me question my motivation and drive to do this race. At the same time, it has forced me to examine the, WHY, of running for me.

As I said, my mind is always changing, as is yours, but the guilt I feel for possibly reneging on something so monumental as this is not easily swept under the rug. That being said, listening to your authentic voice, let’s call it your mind, maybe something that very few people do, especially nowadays, but that may be the most potent piece of humanity that we have the privilege of accessing.