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Death of the Diagnosis (As We Know It)

Badges of Despair

I can vividly remember my differential diagnosis professor stating that his class was THE most important class we would take, there may have been many professors that made this same claim. But his reasoning was sound, appropriate treatment can only be administered once the practitioner has narrowed down the issue at hand. This is and always will be true.

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The De-evolution of Human Movement and How Pain Can Save Us All

I can't remember if I cried during the end of Wall-E, but I definitely shed a tear at the cold realization that the scene depicted above is almost a reality.

As a society we are overweight, we lack proper nutrition and we live in a movement desert, and many people believe that we are becoming less intelligent as well. Damn, what a pleasant picture. I tend to disagree with the last sentiment. I think that we are becoming less knowledgeable in the classic sense, but we are far better at assimilating mass amounts of data. This is an evolved trait due to the shear amount of information put in front of our faces everyday. Now, some of us are better at uploading this data, filing it appropriately and then being able to still make logical or sometimes just common-sense decisions. As a whole we are not becoming less intelligent, we are just evolving to think and process differently.

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