#17 - Justinn Overton - Water, Health and Environmental Conscience

Justinn has a deep family connection to the Coosa Valley and has always loved playing outside as much as possible. She’s proud to work to restore and protect the Coosa.  Growing up in the Coosa Valley, Justinn spent time fishing and exploring the banks of the river with her parents and learned how to bait her own hook on Logan Martin Lake. 

As the Executive Director, she ensures Coosa Riverkeeper has the resources needed to fight for swimmable, drinkable, and fishable water. She also coordinates many other aspects of our organization such as membership, capacity building, special events, and outreach. She provides direction to our staff, volunteers, and robust internship programs with local universities.

In 2015, Justinn was one of four women highlighted by Southern Living as “Women of Worth,” a short list of women who are dedicated to improving the lives of Southerners in need. In 2017, Justinn was featured in the Voices for Clean Air campaign highlighting her love of water, yoga, and environmental justice.

Before joining the staff of Coosa Riverkeeper, she worked with the Alabama Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council implementing the Building Green Jobs for Alabama program, a statewide federally funded workforce development grant. During her time at USGBC Alabama, she trained 300+ Alabamians about green building principles and sustainability.

 She is also a badass yogi and overall great human.

In this episode we cover;
- misconceptions about your water
- easy ways to ensure you are drinking healthy water
- how your health choices impact the environment
- the idea of 'finding your Yoga'

Show Notes


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