#18 - Dr. Phillip Snell, DC - Low Back Pain, Epigenetics, Treating the Human

Joining me on the show today Dr. Phillip Snell, chiropractic physician and creator/content manager of FixYourOwnBack.com and MyRehabExercise.com. 

In this episode:

6:20 - What is the FYOB course?

8:30 - How technology is driving the healthcare market.

13:15 - How manual medicine is really like hypnosis.

20:30 - Functional medicine approach to disc injury & low back pain.

27:00 - Epigenetics role in low back pain

33:30 - Movement as a spark to pain in an inflammatory state.

35:45 - Do you deserve to be out of pain?

40:30 - Is practicing movement quality the same as safety seeking behavior.

1:01:00 - Dr. Snell's predictions.

1:03:00 - Helping powerlifters break world records.

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