#22 - Dr. MaryAnne Dimak, DC, MS - Empowering mamas to move and be healthy


Dr. MaryAnne Dimak, DC, MS joins me on this episode to discuss her evolution as a chiropractor and rehab specialist. Dr. Dimak is in the middle of her first pregnancy and has combined her passion for rehab, movement and now child-rearing into her newest venture @MamaKnowsMovement. Check her out on-line.

Dr. MA’s mission is to utilize her knowledge and skills to help people overcome obstacles and feel empowered and able to reach their goals. Her goal is to keep a patient-centered focus, teach her patients how they can improve their movement, diet, and overall health - hoping to keep them doing the activities that they love to do as long as possible. 

She and her husband graduated from chiropractic school in St. Louis and moved to Huntington Beach, CA in pursuit of their dream to open a rehab-based chiropractic practice.  Maximum Performance Chiropractic opened its doors in 2013, and over the next few years, Dr. MA developed large niches in the OC yoga community and working with prenatal/postpartum moms.  When she wasn't working with patients in the office, she was either out for a run on the beach, teaching a yoga workshop or part of a yoga teacher trainings, or fulfilling her duties as Managing Director of Rehab2Performance and lululemon ambassador.

After 5 amazing years, it was time for a new chapter, and Dr. MA and her husband relocated to Dallas, Texas to pursue the next steps in the evolution of their professional and family lives.  Expecting their first child in early Fall of 2018, Dr. MA is working on a new project, @mamaknowsmovement, with the mission to empower moms and soon-to-be moms to keep moving and working towards their optimal level of health. 

Show Notes


Quad Rock

Bird Dog

Quad Roll

Assisted Squat

360 Breathing

Triple Flexion Breath Work