#43 - Dr. Courtney Conley - A Step in the Right Direction

AnthroHealth Podcast - Dr. Courtney Conley

Dr. Conley is the owner and operator of Total Health Solutions in Colorado.  She also is the founder of Gait Happens.  Her personal journey of becoming a foot and gait expert began years ago when she attended chiropractic school in Chicago, Illinois.  She was fortunate enough to study under the top experts in her field.  This began a long journey of working in several orthotic labs, wearing orthotics herself for years, and realizing that something was a miss as she was in constant pain chasing symptoms. 

She was a triathlete suffering from chronic foot, knee, and low back pain.  After years of altering orthotics, and changing footwear, she realized that simply bracing the foot was not the answer. Always struggling with the concept:   Why are we telling our patients with foot pain to brace the foot with an orthotic for years at a time when we would never tell our patients with low back pain to wear a back brace for years at a time. 

As a result, Dr. Conley went down the slow, and often frustrating journey of eliminating her orthotics and transitioning into the 'barefoot' world.  She began assessing and treating her foot, like she did every where else in her body, with the goal of moving better and functioning more efficiently.  And she succeeded.  

Now with the desire to share this with her patients, Dr. Conley dove deeply into educating herself on barefoot function and learning from experts such as Steven Sashen, the CEO of XERO shoes, and Sebastian Bar, the owner of Joe Nimble; the creators of 2 functional footwear companies.  She studied more on the mechanics of the foot and its relationship to the entire kinetic chain. 

Today, Dr. Conley is on the forefront of educating the public on the benefits of foot health.   It is her passion and desire to see people eliminate foot pain and begin moving better, eliminating unnecessary procedures and chronic pain.  She is enjoying consulting with clients all over the world as well as teaching her lower extremity course, TOP DOWN, BOTTOM UP, with her best friend and partner, Dr. Joseph LaVacca.  

You can find where Dr. Conley is teaching both for Rocktape as well as Top Down Bottom Up on the courses tab.

As you can imagine we discuss all things pertaining to gait, movement, running, footwear and so much more!




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